Munch Reusable Ice Pops.


Well its safe to say that I have three extremely happy children!
We were lucky enough to receive these beautiful reusable ice pop molds from Munch this week, and to say they are awesome is an understatement! I instantly fell in love with this product for a few reasons:

1- We run a pretty healthy household, we don’t allow much sugar in our house and only occasionally let the kids have ice-blocks for treats ( they will love us for it one day!). Munch’s ice pops will allow us to control exactly what goes in to their treats and keep them cool in summer.


2- My son is 7 months old and teething, I was able to fill up one of the ice-pops with water and BOOM a teething bar!! He also enjoyed having a go at his very own sugar free  ice block. I had a hard time getting it back.


3- They are leak proof!! ( all hail Munch !….. every mothers legend ) with every ice-cream and ice-block comes mess, when the kids don’t finish the last of it and you end with a melted sticky puddle. Well we did not have this issue! The ice-pops come with a tight sealable lid that can be put back on when they have had enough and be popped straight back in the freezer.. No mess no drama.


4- These are so easy to use. Once you decide what you want to put in them you literally just pour it in, put the lid on, and freeze! The fact that they are made from silicone means that they are also extremely easy for children to use and push up.

and 5- THE COLOURS!!!! They are so bright and fun.

I will definitely be purchasing some more of these to stock up for summer and any visitors we might have over the holidays. My girls are looking forward to making up their own mixtures as well and being in charge of their own treats! ( healthy treats of course ). I really don’t think that i have anything negative to say about this product as they are so handy and have so many uses. In the summer i always put out Giant jugs of water with ice to make cool water more accessible to my family, i’m already planning to fill the ice-pops with water to make giant ice sticks to pop in my jugs!

Durable, bright, dishwasher safe , leak proof and most importantly REUSABLE. You really cant go wrong with that – 10 out of 5 stars from me.



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  1. Great idea to give to the teething bubbas. Hope you’re all good, lovely x


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